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Women Making Moves Interviews Emma Heart

Founder and Creative Director of Global Luxury Communications agency Push PR. Push was launched in 2002 and specialises in the luxury lifestyle market which incorporates Fashion, Jewellery, beauty and culture. Emma runs the business with her husband Greg Hart and has two children.



Where are you based?

London – but I travel a lot for work and for pleasure. I love traveling.



What made you take the leap to start your own business? 

I am a natural risk taker and felt that my drive and ambition needed to be channeled into working for myself and doing something I genuinely loved. 



We all know we have ups and downs in business. What were the struggles you went through when starting your business?

The biggest thing is that I am a real people person and for the first few years I didn’t have a big team to bounce off and work with. I also hated working from home, it just isn’t me. I like to separate work from home and have boundaries. Finances of course were a struggle initially too – every penny went straight back into the business as I am a believer in needing to invest in your business in order to make it grow. Overall though, the biggest struggle is that it does take over your life, you work 24/7 and you sacrifice time with family and friends.



Many people wanting to start a business often say it's hard for to keep focused, how do you keep focused?  


I don’t so much struggle to stay focused as I really genuinely love what I do. For me the struggle is switching off from work. Having said that my children and family and friends are the best way to stop me working. If I feel like I lack focus I try to take myself away from my day to day and find an inspiring environment – be it a gallery or café and write down my purpose. It’s easy to forget why you began the journey so I find that reminding myself really helps. I have always promised myself that when I stop loving it, I’ll stop doing it.





How did you finance your business? 

I started from my flat. I had no capital. It was a big risk. My first event I held for my business I borrowed money from my dad to pay for it. Not quite sure I ever paid him back so I’m hoping he isn’t reading this!




Mistakes you made you made in business and wished you could turn back? 


I have a ‘no regrets’ policy in my life so I wouldn’t change anything. That said, I now realise that one of my downfalls (as well as being an asset) is trusting people too much. I have been burnt from trusting people – both financially and emotionally in business. But, I like being trusting and I don’t want to change that. If they choose to abuse it I believe it’s more a measure of them as a person than me.



Many people reading your story will be inspired to start their own business in your industry. What advice would you give them?


Talk to EVERYONE, meet people, build your network, listen and be prepared to hear what you don’t want to hear. Feedback is good and invaluable. Be patient – nothing is created overnight and be prepared to put the hours in. No one hands you success, you make it. It’s hard work. Be prepared to have a rubbish social life for a while and lack of sleep.


  Best advice you were given when you started your business? 


Be nice to people, make mistakes, take risks. 



Who/what inspires you in business? 


My family, my husband, my children and of course my team. I also find traveling very inspiring. It always opens my eyes to new markets and energises my mind.



As you know statistics state that the average start-up businesses fail within their first year. What has kept you going to succeed beyond the first year and have a successful PR Agency?


Hard work, dedication, and a fierce ambition. 



From the Lenique Louis collection, what's favourite jewellery piece and why? 


The Gold Spine hoops I have fallen for in a big way. I love a hoop and I think it’s a brilliant update to anything you wear. I also love these hoops as they have the flexibility to be worn for a business meeting, out for dinner or even on the school run. I need things in my wardrobe that work for every event and occasion and these really fit that. 




What's next for you in 2017, what can we look forward to seeing

We have so many exciting things coming up in 2017.We are launching a couple of new luxury global brands and will be hosting launches in NYC and Paris in addition to London of course. We will also be expanding our global footprint by partnering with businesses in the Middle East, the USA and Asia. It's going to be an exciting year!



 How can we connect with you? 

www.pushpr.co.uk @pushyprmummy on Instagram and Twitter and I’m active on LinkedIn.



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  • Siobhan Witter: March 08, 2017

    Great interview Lenique and great platform!

    Women Making Moves is allowing transparency and insight into the world of owning a business. Notes have been taken- and I look forward to the next interview!

  • Jennifer Hall : March 06, 2017

    I want to get into the hairdressing industry and open my own salon would be great if you could get a high profile hairdresser to interview. The article gave me a great boost .

  • Josie: March 06, 2017

    Interesting piece, nice to see I’m not the only one trying to juggle family and running a business.

  • Shantel : March 03, 2017

    Love this Lenique! Well done x

  • Irene Gibson: March 03, 2017

    I saw the advert on LinkedIn and so glad I read it! It has inspired me to continue with my business idea and not give. Sometimes there will be ups and downs and that’s normal. I have subscribed to your newsletter and look forward to your next interview. Will there be any events in the future would love to come along?

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