Copyright and Design Theft in the World of Jewellery

Copyright your jewellery in the UK


As a jeweller, your creations are not just pieces of art but also a product of your hard work, talent, and imagination. It is disheartening to see your designs copied and replicated without your permission. I myself have had this happen to me a numerous of times, too many to count. In this important blog post, we will  be exploring the importance of intellectual property rights, the challenges faced, and the resources available to safeguard your unique creations.


What is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal right that grants exclusive ownership of creative works to their creators, preventing others from copying, distributing, or using those works without permission.


Why is Copyright Important for Jewellers?

Copyright protection is essential for jewellers as it safeguards their unique designs from unauthorised reproduction, ensuring that their creativity remains their intellectual property. It helps prevent financial loss, preserves reputation, and promotes a fair and ethical marketplace.


I understand firsthand the devastating impact of design theft on our industry. It's disheartening to pour your heart and soul into creating unique jewellery designs, only to have them shamelessly copied by others. The challenges faced by small jewellery businesses in fighting against copyright infringement are immense, primarily due to limited resources and the uphill battle of legal proceedings.


In a recent survey conducted by the British Jewellers' Association (BJA), it was revealed that more than 60% of small jewellery businesses have experienced copyright infringement incidents. These incidents have resulted in significant financial losses and irreparable damage to their hard-earned brand reputation. For many of us, every sale and customer interaction matter, and the impact of design theft can be felt deeply.



Unlike larger jewellery companies with substantial legal departments, small-scale jewellers often lack the financial means to engage in lengthy and costly legal battles against infringers. This places us at a significant disadvantage when it comes to protecting our creative works. The time and financial investment required to pursue legal action can be overwhelming and deter many from seeking justice for their stolen designs.



Design theft not only affects our bottom line but also undermines the trust and authenticity that our customers seek in handmade and unique jewellery pieces. When our designs are copied and replicated without permission, it dilutes the value of our creations and compromises the integrity of our craft. It becomes an uphill battle to differentiate ourselves from those who profit off our originality without putting in the same level of dedication and expertise.

Despite the challenges we face as small jewellers, there is hope. By raising awareness about the importance of copyright protection and sharing our experiences, we can collectively support and empower one another. Together, we can advocate for stronger legal measures to combat design theft and preserve the integrity of our industry.


Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

The IPO website ( provides comprehensive guidance on copyright protection, infringement, and registering your designs. Their resources can help small jewellers navigate the legal complexities and understand their rights in protecting their intellectual property.

Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG)

The ACG ( is an organisation dedicated to fighting counterfeiting and infringement. Their website offers valuable resources and tools to help businesses, including small jewellers, protect their intellectual property rights and take appropriate action against design theft.


As jewellers, we face the battle against design theft with unwavering resolve. By utilising available resources, sharing our experiences, and advocating for stronger legal measures, we can protect our creativity and maintain the beauty and uniqueness of our craft. Let us forge ahead, standing together as a united force, ensuring that our artistry and dedication are respected and cherished. Together, we will overcome the challenges and create a fair and ethical marketplace for jewellery, where creativity reigns supreme.


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