Jewellery Trend Showcase: Chroic, A Celebration Of Black Jewellers

Chroic Culturally Sensitive Jewellery Competition

Chroic is a ground-breaking initiative being the first event of its kind. A culturally attuned competition and exhibition, Chroic aims to tackle the challenges faced by Black jewellers by providing them with enhanced access to networks, organisations, and funding opportunities. This empowering event endeavours to boost the social, creative, and economic aspects of their craft. 


Chroic is the result of my personal experiences as a gemologist, working within the UK jewellery industry. … through networking with fellow Black industry members, I was able to identify a number of obstacles we all faced.

- Lezlie Bailey FGA



What does Chroic stand for?Chroic Culturally Sensitive Jewellery Competition

Chroic is a term used in scientific contexts to denote a particular shade or degree of colouration. Gemmologists and jewellers may recognize the terms pleochroic or dichroic, which are commonly used to describe minerals and gemstones that exhibit multiple hues. The choice of name for the competition as Chroic is symbolic of the fact that, similar to pleochroic gemstones, Black jewellers are “more than just a perceived body colour”.


Instead, they are highly skilled and versatile artisans with multifaceted talents that deserve recognition and celebration.



Who is behind Chroic and how is it funded?

Chroic is funded by The Goldsmiths’ Centre through the Goldsmiths’ Company Charity Global Majority programme.


After successfully pitching the concept and completing a six-month programme, the Chroic initiative secured significant funding.



Competition Outline

The Chroic jewellery design competition welcomes entries from fine and demi-fine jewellers in the UK who self-identify as having African, Caribbean, or other Black backgrounds.


Entries for the competition can include works completed within two years before the event, however, organisers strongly encourage pieces to be created specifically for the competition. Each entrant is allowed to submit a maximum of three works for consideration, with each piece being an original work with intention and meaning. Submitted work will be judged by leading artisans from black communities. The judges will assess each piece based on level of design, quality of finish, technical ability, and consistency across the piece.


Each year the competition brief will change. This year the competition, which closed 17th March 2023, had the brief of “Origin, Lineage, Legacy”.




Chroic provides a fresh platform for black jewellers and designers to showcase their talents without the fear of discrimination. What distinguishes Chroic from other industry competitions is its considered and culturally sensitive approach to the jewellery sector, as well as its commitment to  rewarding artisans financially, creatively, and socially.


If you want to find out more about Chroic, visit their website.



Chroic Culturally Sensitive Jewellery Competition Earring EntryChroic Culturally Sensitive Jewellery Competition Jewellery Entry


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