Laura Estrada: Abstract Sculptural Jewellery Artist

Laura Estrada Pearl Wire Face Mask Jewellery Piece


Los Angeles-based designer Laura Estrada has made a name for herself with her stunning designs and unique creative vision. Handcrafting sustainable pieces that exist as sculptural adornments for the body and face, Estrada’s conceptually driven approach has led to her being a trailblazer in the world of contemporary jewellery.


Estrada's journey into the world of jewellery design began with a fascination with metalwork. From a very young age, she had been building objects with her hands, fascinated with the way materials can be shaped and manipulated. This obsession turned into mastery and skill when she took a metalsmithing class in college.


Her jewellery is both sculptural and wearable, with many of her pieces merging fashion with art to become bodies of art in their own right. Estrada’s conceptual work often starts with conversation that deepens, evolves, and grows, harmonising ancient design practices with future technologies to result in physical manifestations exploring shapes and forms. Many of her collections touch on themes relating to resilience, empowerment, and confidence.


Laura Estrada Face Contour Jewellery PieceLaura Estrada Nose Septum Jewellery Piece
Laura Estrada Pearl Face Contour Jewellery Piece


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