Handcrafted Bespoke Engagement Rings Vs Mass Produced Engagement Rings.

Why choose a one-of-a-kind handcrafted Lenique Louis engagement ring over a mass produced CAD (Computer Aided Design) engagement ring?  

The questions that really matter to you. 

Do you love your partner?  YES

Do you want her to feel loved, appreciated, valued, special?  YES

Do you want her to know that you've search the earth to find her the perfect ring just for her?  YES
Do want to present her with a beautiful custom one-of-a-kind made to order engagement ring handcrafted just for her?  YES

Do you want her friends and family to think she's the luckiest women in the world to find a man that adores her and wants to make her happy?  YES

Do want to marry this woman and spend the rest of your life with her?   YES

You answered all the questions with a YES! I have the result to the questions. 



The conclusion is that you love your partner and you want to make her happy, you want all her friends and family to love you too. The option for you is to purchase a handcrafted ring made just for her by Lenique Louis. 

Why buying a mass produced ready made engagement ring isn't a good idea.

Do you want her to have the same carbon copy ring you can find in any high street jewellery shop window? No

Do you want her to have engagement ring that is mass produced and not made just for her? No

Do you want to walk into a store and pick up a engagement ring like your buying a packet of crisps? No 

I see men come to my jewellery studio nervous and unsure of what to ask for and what to do.
The first step is to calm down and breath. It's normal to feel this way, you're making a life changing decision and you want everything to be perfect and it will. 

The whole process is very simple and you leave the consultation happy knowing you have made the right decision, by making the choice of choosing a made-to-order bespoke engagement ring by Lenique Louis. 

The next step is we discuss what you have in mind. If you're still unsure, I will help you along the way. That's my job to make the experience and stress free as possible for you.

The next call of action is to arrange a consultation with me at our central London studio. Simply use the contact us form on the website. 

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