"My Grandma is my biggest supporter" The British Library - Precious Panel Business Event


Had a blast talking about my experience in running a luxury jewellery business. I was joined on the panel by two other amazing women who both brought me to tears at 'Precious Nights' at the British Library. It was a night of great insight, wisdom and transparency.

It was refreshing that everyone on the panel  was open including myself, talking about the highs and lows of running your own business. The setbacks, cash flow, the list goes on.

The theme for the night from all three of us on the panel, was to never give up!

Here is a little snippet of the answer I gave asking who my role model was at the PRECIOUS Nights event at the British Library. I said it was my grandma, who encouraged me  not to give up and to keep on going no matter what!

As people that are close to me know how much my grandma means to me, she's like my second mum. She was the only person at the beginning of my business journey that believed I would become the jewellery designer I am today.

She was the person I would run to when I needed to remember why I started this journey in the first place, she is a great supporter and one of my biggest fans!

Lenique Louis 




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