Handcrafted Jewellery By Lenique Louis



"My designs are unique, timeless with a contemporary twist. I make pieces in gold and platinum with the Lenique Louis hallmark, making each ring a signature of quality craftmanship.”

Founder Lenique Louis



Lenique Louis Spine Pearl Rings Collection Gold Rose Gold Oxidised



Each piece is uniquely handcrafted by Lenique in the U.K. From the initial designs to the final product, everything related to Lenique Louis jewellery is both exceptional in quality and contains her personal flair and attention to detail.


“Designing and making jewellery is my passion. I specialise in handcrafted one-of-a-kind bespoke engagement and wedding rings. Whether you have your own designs or want me to design something unique for you both, I can do it all."

Founder Lenique Louis






"My creative expression is unique, it’s ‘Leniquely Styled’. Simple meaning, I put my unique stamp on it.”

Founder Lenique Louis


Lenique is a firm believer in the beauty of standing out from the crowd. Creating pieces that are as unique as the wearer is vital to her practice.


Lenique Louis jewellery is crafted with a unique flair that can be found nowhere else. Alive in essence, each piece becomes a beacon that exudes the shining light within each and every one of us.


The combination of Lenique's exceptional artistry and use of traditional handmade techniques such as the ancient technique of 'Hand Wax Carving', puts her work in a class of its own. Show-stopping, beautiful and bold, Lenique Louis jewellery will be the centrefold of all attention no matter where you are.


Lenique Louis Large Spine Earrings Gold Oxidised


“I’m not a conventional jewellery designer. I’ve always used art to express myself since I was a child, whether it be through sculpture, painting, carving, mix media, graphic design, collage, it’s part of my DNA."

Founder Lenique Louis





Here at Lenique Louis, we have always been conscious of our impact and we strive to make the most sustainable choices as possible.


Sustainability is not an afterthought – it is at the forefront of everything that we do. From being a Fairmined licensed brand, partnering with charities, and making conscious packaging choices, all business endeavours are carefully considered and support both environmental and social growth.