"2023 Men's Jewellery Trends: What You Need To Know"

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Though men have been wearing jewellery for centuries, previously it has been more associated with women’s fashion. Nowadays, men’s jewellery has taken the fashion industry by storm with the help of style icons such as A$AP Rocky and Harry Styles, to transforms men’s jewellery as we know it. Now a constant in the wardrobes of many men, there are so many more styles to pick from and experiment with.


Men’s jewellery fashion offers a wide range of styles from the modern minimalist to kitsch and quirky designs to rugged and edgy looks. The use of various materials such as metal, leather, beads, and gemstones allow for unique and personalised expression.


Beaded Jewellery

Free-spirted and fun, beaded jewellery is a popular style amongst men’s jewellery. From more understated looks to the bright and bold, beaded jewellery is versatile and can be worn in any occasion from day to night. Prevalent forms mostly include necklaces and bracelets.

Beaded jewellery offers a variety of styles for men, ranging from earthy and casual looks made from natural materials like wood, to the elegant and feminine touch of pearl jewellery. On the other end of the style spectrum, beaded jewellery made from brightly coloured plastic, glass and gemstone beads create eye-catching and quirky looks that add splashes of youthful energy to any outfit.

 Eli Halili chunky Mediterranean bracelet



Whilst other forms of men’s jewellery might go in and out of fashion, rings remain a constant. Rings can be styled in an infinite number of ways, from iced out knuckles to a simple sleek band, there’s a selection of accessories out there to suit any style. Different types of rings include bands, signet, cocktail, and link.


Any number of rings of any type can be worn on any finger – there are no rules! For the bold, mixing materials and aesthetics is a popular move. Pairing understated bands with sparkling and flashy pieces is a sure way to express all parts of your personality and make a statement. For those looking for a more classic look, minimal pieces are just as popular. Clean bands with subtle details provide the finishing touches to polish and refine any outfit.

 Tom Wood Rhodium Plated Ring


More and more men are experimenting with jewellery and pushing the boundaries for how we believe certain pieces should be worn. A great example is with the long withstanding brooch. A brooch is a versatile accessory that can be attached to any part of the body or clothing to make the ultimate statement of self-expression and individuality.


Brooches are available in many styles, from classic to contemporary, to a mix of the two. Classic designs that incorporate floral motifs, geometric shapes and abstract patterns will continue to be popular, however, more modern designs that utilise the use of unique materials like leather, wood and resin are bursting onto the scene.Shaun Leane Beetle Brooch



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