Jewellery Trend Showcase: Black Jewellery Designers In The UK

Ahead, we compiled a list of 10 black jewellers and jewellery brands in the UK. From sparkling gemstone rings to abstract and sculptural pieces, we have rounded up an eclectic array of black creatives to support and shop now.


Thelma West

Thelma West is a creative director with a passion for storytelling. She is the keeper of stories at Thelma West Diamonds and her diverse background and experiences have shaped her visionary creative expression.


Left: Cane II Ring     Right: Tai & Ken Earrings




Simone Brewster

Simone Brewster is a jewellery designer known for her contemporary and sculptural designs. Her jewellery is often inspired by architecture, geometric shapes, and the natural world, being made from a variety of materials, including silver, gold, and wood.


Left: Metropolis Necklace     Right: Large Fan Earrings

Simone Brewster Metropolis PendantSimone Brewster Large Fan Earrings



Lenique Louis

Lenique Louis has made a name for herself in the jewellery industry for her intricate and detailed pieces. Her expert craftsmanship skills lead her to create unique and showstopping pieces, which are often heavily inspired by nature.


Left: Spine Gold Hoop Earrings     Right: Cluster Gold Ring


Lenique Louis Spine Gold Hoop EarringsLenique Louis Cluster Gold Ring



Emefa Cole

Emefa Cole is an independent experimental jewellery artist and designer-maker. Bringing to life wearable art, Cole has perfected the balance between boldness and free-flowing shapes to create tactile jewellery experiences.


Left: Sill Earrings     Right: Flow Ring

Emefa Cole Sill EarringsEmefa Cole Flow Ring



Jacqueline Rabun

Jacqueline Rabun’s work is known for its simplicity and elegance. Often featuring minimalist and organic shapes, her works use a variety of materials, including silver, gold, and precious stone, to explore the human experience.


Left: Black Love Ear Studs     Right: Look Magnifying Glass Pendant

Jacqueline Rabun Black Love Ear StudsJacqueline Rabun Look Magnifying Glass Pendant



Vania Leles

Vania Leles designs modern heirlooms with a commitment to sustainable sourcing. Her jewellery pieces use ethically sourced materials from Africa, to create the perfect fusion of precious African heritage and global influences. Leles’ designs are bold, feminine, and contemporary.


Left: The Nile Hoop Earrings     Right: Legends Of Africa Diamond Ring

Vania Leles The Nile Hoop EarringsVania Leles Legends Of Africa Diamond Ring



Satta Matturi

Satta Matturi is known for creating bold and unique jewellery pieces that fuse contemporary and tribal designs. The pieces are handmade with precious metals and stones making each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art. The designs often draw inspiration from African and Middle Eastern culture.


Left: Bayuda Pendant & Earrings     Right: Nile Earrings & Necklace

Satta Matturi Bayuda Pendant & EarringsSatta Matturi Nile Earrings & Necklace



Nyanda Yekwai

Nyanda Yekwai is a multidisciplinary artist. Her brand, SoulVisionary, is entirely handmade Yekwai. The focus is on meticulous craftsmanship and innovative aesthetics, all inspired by Yekwai’s admiration and respect for the intricacies and diversity of Mother Nature. Her vision is to blur the division between jewellery and art.


Left: Golden Orbs Earrings     Right: Midas Crown Bangle


Nyanda Yekwai Golden Orbs EarringsNyanda Yekwai Midas Crown Bangle



Malaika (Chalk)

Malaika, a jewellery designer and architect, founded Chalk jewellery. Her work consists of unusual, geometric, wearable forms. Handcrafting the pieces, Malaika’s collections are influenced by architectural features and bold cultural patterns.


Left: Lois Earrings     Right: Nalla Earrings In Aqua

Chalk Lois EarringsChalk Nalla Earrings In Aqua



Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden

Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden strives to design fine jewellery pieces where luxury and timelessness intersect. Her jewellery often features geometric shapes and minimalistic design elements, using ethically sourced precious metals and gemstones.


Left: Jemison Earrings     Right: Jones Necklace


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