Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Jewellery Intern


What inspired you to pursue an internship in the jewellery industry, and how did you go about finding this opportunity?

I have always had a passion for jewellery. It holds a very important part in my life and self-expression. I wanted to purse an internship in the jewellery industry so I could work alongside people who love jewellery as much as I do. I am so grateful to Lenique for offering me this internship position. Lenique started as my mentor, where we first met though the New Designers 2022 Mentor Scheme. Lenique was able to see the passion I had for jewellery and gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my creativity in this field.



Can you walk us through a typical day as a jewellery intern?

A typical day as a jewellery intern starts by checking the work schedule. This schedule has all the tasks that need to be completed both daily and throughout the week. For example,I currently have a lot of my tasks are focused on the development of our blog. I research exciting and informative topics to create engaging content for, as well as working on graphic and layout elements.

Throughout the day the team and I will check in on each other, going over ideas, sound boarding and making any improvements to ensure we are bringing our absolute best!


What are some of your main responsibilities and tasks working at Lenique Louis? My main responsibilities at Lenique Louis are concerned with marketing and social media. Some of my tasks include social media content creation, blog post creation and management, trend research and PR.


How do you collaborate with other members of the team? We mainly collaborate through online meetings. We share with each other what we have been working on throughout the week and ask each other how we feel about certain design choices, and what we need to improve on.We also work collaboratively through other online platforms ,where we can create lots of different types of content together efficiently.


What are some of the biggest challenges you faced as a jewellery intern, and how do you overcome them? 

Keeping track of all the different tasks that need to be completed can be quite tricky. To overcome this, I copy the tasks from my schedule onto a list each day. The list is colour-coded, and I arrange the tasks in the order that I will complete them to ensure that I don't overlook anything.

Also, as a team we work closely together to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of who is doing what and for when. Staying organised is key!


What skills and knowledge have you gained from your internship so far, and how do you think they will help you in your future career?


During my time as an intern, I have gained a lot of knowledge and practical skills. Specifically, I have enhanced my creative writing and graphic design skills, as well as expanded my understanding of website management. These skills are applicable to many different areas of the jewellery industry.


However, what I value the most is the personal growth I've experienced. This opportunity has pushed me out of my comfort zone and boosted not only my workplace confidence significantly, but the confidence I have in my own creative skills.


Can you share with us any exciting projects or initiatives you have worked on during your internship?

One of the most exciting projects we’re working on is the development of our blog, ‘Jewellery Trend’. ‘Jewellery Trend’ is going to be the one-stop platform for everything. Jewellery is so important to the expression and identity of so many people and encompasses so many different aspects of life, such as art, music, and culture. Jewellery is a lifestyle and that is something we want to share through ‘Jewellery Trend’.


What advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing an internship in the jewellery industry?

The jewellery industry is huge and there are many roles you could take on. From being a goldsmith to a marketing specialist, there are many career paths you can choose from. My advice would be to research these different pathways and see what interests you the most.

Even if after researching and you still aren’t sure what area you want to specialise in, don’t get stressed out! So many aspects of the industry overlap, and there will be opportunities for you to try out different roles.


How has the jewellery industry changed during your time as an intern, and how do you think it will continue to evolve in the future?


Though I haven’t been in the jewellery industry long, I have still been able to see a massive shift in regard to sustainability and ethics of the industry. Throughout my time as an intern, I have learnt about the complexities of the jewellery industry and the people working to make a difference. I have been able to see these changes first-hand through the amazing steps that Lenique Louis has taken – for example becoming a Fairmined accredited brand and partnering with charities.


What is your favourite aspect of working at Lenique Louis, and why?

I love the teamwork culture we have here. Though each member of the team has their own role and specific tasks to work on, we’re all on hand to help each other. Whether it be asking for advice, sound boarding ideas or working collaboratively, we’re all here to help each other.


What is your favourite Lenique Louis piece, and why do you love it?


My favourite Lenique Louis piece are the Gold Spine Hoop Earrings – they’re the perfect pair of hoops! The details on them are gorgeous, and I love how versatile they are. The different sizes would also make for a show-stopping ear stack, which is a look I love to go for in my own personal style.


Lenique Louis Gold spine hoops for women.

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