Abstract Jewellery: Pushing The Conventions Of Jewellery Design

Areeayl Goodwin Levels (A Seat, A Throne) Choker


Abstract jewellery is a form of wearable art that goes against the grain. Typically incorporating non-conforming forms and unconventional materials, abstract jewellery pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the world of jewellery design.


This type of jewellery is often created to convey powerful messages and deeply complex stories that challenge the world as we know it. Defying convention, abstract jewellery is experimental by nature and can serve as a way to challenge traditional notions of beauty and value.


Below is a list of artists and jewellers who create exceptional pieces of wearable art.


Areeayl Goodwin

Areeayl Goodwin is a jewellery and fashion designer based in Philadelphia, USA. Her jewellery line, Beads Byaree, focuses on statement earrings rich in story and identity. Goodwin uses her work as a medium to spark conversation and advance positive motives. 


Areeayl Goodwin Vase EarringsAreeayl Goodwin Nails EarringsAreeayl Goodwin The Whisk Earring



Wiebke Pandikow

Wiebke Pandikow is a German jewellery artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Her work fuses the tradition of craftsmanship with experimental methods to create pieces that compel us to reconsider the life of plastics. In our society, plastics are omnipresent and dispensable. For Pandikow however, they hold the potential for beauty.




Carolina Gomes

Carolina Gomes is a Brazilian contemporary jeweller based in San Francisco, USA. Gomes strives to turn the pain she has experienced throughout her life into creative works. Finding strength in reinvention, Gomes expresses herself through a diverse range of mediums and materials. Her handcrafted jewellery is uniquely whimsical and unconventional.



Carolina Gomes Embracing Myself RingCarolina Gomes Inside Out RingCarolina Gomes Tentacle Beings Rings 



Eva Fortuño

Spanish contemporary jewellery designer and maker Eva Fortuño considers the circle as being the origins of her work. Fortuño’s work was born with the desire to convey a sensation of serenity and infinity, encouraging individuals to connect with her pieces and approach a meditative state.




Danni Schwaag

Danni Schwaag is a jewellery artists based in Bremen, Germany. Schwaag is fascinated by materials, their haptics, and properties. She works experimentally and employs an open creative process that welcomes possibilities. Intrigued to see how certain materials change when combined, Schwaag works to free herself from preconceived notions to allow her creations to evolve organically.




Joo Hyung Park

Joo Hyung Park was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. An artist who specialises in metal, wood and urushi lacquer, Park creates mesmerizing sculptures and jewellery pieces. Park is heavily guided by the natural lines and patterns on wood, using her expertise to create free-flowing forms. Working with urushi lacquer also, Park is fascinated by the way the wood and lacquer coexist and merge to create her wearable pieces of art.


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