Seiran Tsuno: Fashion As A Paranormal Experience

Seiro Tsuno Wandering Spirits


Born in 1991, visionary designer Seiran Tsuno has a distinctive view of fashion. Often emphasising the shoulders, chest and thighs, Tsuno’s front-facing pieces float above the body, gently distorting the human form and adding a sense of spirit-like charm.


Whilst working at a hospital as a psychiatric nurse, Tsuno started attending Coconogacco, one of Japan’s most eccentric fashion schools. Here she discovered her own personal drive, deepening her creativity and realising what she wanted to express. Her vision was fuelled by her deep empathy towards individuals who found salvation through belief in, and communication with, the unseen world.


Tsuno’s creations, made using 3D pens and printers, are worn in a manner reminiscent of necklaces or other body jewellery pieces. Surrounding the body in fantastical auras, the wearable sculptures elicit the experience of an out-of-body sensation, as if the consciousness is leaving the physical body. Paying homage to Japanese shamanistic aesthetics, the fluorescent shell-like dresses become her series, “Wandering Spirits”.


Creating with a broad range of perspectives, Tsuno works free from the constraints of conventional framing.


Seiran Tsuno DressSeiran Tsuno
Seiran TsunoSeiran Tsuno

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