Jewellery Trend Showcase: 10 Jewellery Designers In Ghana

We have compiled a list of 10 black creatives and black-owned businesses in the jewellery sector, based in Ghana. Highly skilled and motivated, jewellery produced by these professionals are nothing short of spectacular.


Aisha Asamany (Sahmani)

Aisha Asamany founded Sahmani in 2016. This independent jewellery brand specialises in made-to-order and bespoke pieces. Working with 18 carat gold and sterling silver, Sahmani’s symbolic jewellery honour Ghanaian traditions and culture, being heavily inspired by the ancient Adinkra symbols.


Skilled craftsman at Sahmani use both traditional and modern production techniques to create pieces to celebrate one’s triumphs and individuality.

Sahmani Spine Diamond Earrings




Aketekete values the process of collaborating and connecting with creatives to design contemporary items using traditional techniques. They are committed to supporting artisan communities by utilizing their skills to create these objects. Aketekete appreciates the aesthetics of individuality, asymmetry, and the elegance of craftsmanship, as they see it as a reflection of our identity.

Aketekete Awia Earrings



Akakpo & Co

At Akakpo, every piece designed carries cultural history, skills and techniques, and a commitment to social justice. Akakpo jewellery uses the traditional designs of Ghanaian heritage to create pieces of art that carry personal and cultural strength.

Akakpo Greatness Slim Cuff



Anna Cole Ojukwu (Pernia Couture)

Pernia, a fashion and accessories brand, blends passion, style, creativity, and versatility to produce striking accessories. All their pieces are imbued with a meaningful narrative and every item has a distinctive name that represents its uniqueness.


The brand utilizes only the finest materials, including African fabrics, beads, crystals, and pearls, to produce their exclusive accessories.

Pernia Couture Jewellery



Adom de Jeweller

Adom de Jeweller is an independent jewellery business specialising in handcraftsmanship. Working with precious metals and gemstones, Adom de Jeweller produce stunning bespoke and custom pieces.

Adom de Jeweller Ring



David Apim-Tetteh (Emefa)

The owner of Emefa, David Apim-Tetteh, is a professional jeweller with over thirty years’ experience. With a focus on expert handcraftsmanship, Emefa jewellery has become a household name in Ghana and internationally due to their impeccable designs.

Emefa Gold Wedding Bands




Each piece of JogoJewel jewellery is individually crafted to order, undergoing a distinctive process that encompasses initial CAD/CAM design, meticulous production, and final craftsmanship. Their team of passionate and skilled professionals handcrafts each item, making it uniquely you.

JogoJewel Radiant Hidden Halo Ring



Tisaa Jewellery

Tisaa Jewellery focuses on creating bespoke beaded jewellery pieces. One of the brand’s specialities is bridal jewellery sets.

Tisaa Jewellery Custom Bridal Set



Kua Designs

Kua Designs is a lifestyle brand that has since expanded to include handbags, jewellery, clothing, soft toys, scented candles, and other products. In terms of their jewellery, Kua uses locally sourced materials from Ghana to create their pieces. They specialise in beaded jewellery and often use African beads and Agate gemstone in their designs.


Kua is committed to giving back to the culture, and as a company they take the responsibility of training workers with employable skills and investing in the women who are the backbone of Ghanaian communities.

Kua Designs Oko Sena Set Of 4 Bracelets



Aphia Sakyi

Aphia Sakyi is a jewellery brand that produces bold and unique pieces using a variety of materials such as leather, beads, stones, and brass. Drawing inspiration from African culture and traditional craft techniques, Aphia Sakyi's jewellery is designed for confident, fashion-forward women who want to make a statement.


The brand's pieces are known for their intricate detailing, vibrant colours, and innovative designs. Aphia Sakyi also supports sustainable and ethical practices by using locally sourced materials and working with local artisans to produce their jewellery.

Aphia Sakyi Adom Necklace

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